Strictly Underground records was established in 1998 by Mark Ryder initially as a record company.
Strictly Underground is the trading name of S.U.Corporation Ltd.(owned by Mark Ryder)
Strictly Underground is a legally registered Trademark.
UKunderground.com and MarkRyder.com is the online presence of Strictly Underground Records.

For legal enquiries please use the contacts page but for all other communications please contact Mark directly using the social media platforms of twitter and Facebook.

Strictly Underground and S.U.Corporation Ltd are both global entities but are also very small at their core as these companies are all controlled by Mark directly and are designed purely as a means to get his music out in a way that is under his direct control and that can compete with the massive majors that control the worlds music sales and airplays.

There is no massive machine here to make the wheels turn in order for Marks music to hit the charts. This has never been a numbers game for Strictly Underground (hence the name) it’s only ever been about a passion for the music.

Please support a true independent as Strictly Underground has always taken control of every aspect of the musical process and all we ask is for you to support us with likes and shares and word of mouth and by hopefully purchasing our music rather than stealing it as we are truly independent in this global world of music and money so every sale counts and every like and tweet can make a difference to us.

We love the music we make and want to spend our life just making music and bringing happy vibes to all that feel it.
This is our constant challenge and our goal.


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Mark Ruff Ryder © Strictly Underground Records Since 1988