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Why are a lot of your blogs all about Apple

They are my heroes, The late Steve Job’s was a driven,focused and demanding person striving to reach a place no one else could see, I associate with him in my own life struggles and I suppose he was a true icon for me. Apple provided me with the tools I needed to find my own place in this world doing what I love (making music) I would be nothing without those tools, Apple opened a world of possibilities to me after leaving school with nothing, I might have started making music on other equipment and software but to continue to make great music it helps when you have great tools (at least to make great music with ease) and that’s why I focus on Apple and the things they do and stand for.
I feel like one of the team even if only as an end user. They have helped me build my home and paid my wages through me using Apple products. Some people just see things, but I see the passion that goes into making great ‘things’ and I am thankful there are people that care enough about what they do so as to allow me to then use their creation to make my life better and easier. Yes I am a freaky loopy mad fan boy!

How will I know when you are appearing somewhere

If i DJ or attend an event, I will make the information available on my website social media feeds.

Have you got control of your depression?

Yes and no, you never can forget how low it’s taken you and it’s like a looming shadow always following you around , some days its like the sun is shining so bright i cannot see it and don’t even think of it but other days its right there following me. those days I avoid the possibilities of any dark clouds making it more visible.

I’ve seen your name on flyers, is it you djing?

NO very unlikely.
Please refer to my track on ‘UK Underground Anthems’ called ‘Fakers’
It amazes me that people do it, but they do. if you see these fakers tell them they need to get a life.
I mean, What kind of person would knowingly DJ as me, playing my music and taking credit and bookings knowing they are not me but DJing as DJ Mark Ryder or Marc Ryder,
Yes there is a demand for me to DJ and I don’t DJ and there is a demand for events to have Mark Ryder on the line up? It amazes me that some people are that desperate for the work and the rub they will fake it.
I know it helps that I don’t push my face into the world either so they can wing it a lot easier. call them out when you find them, only a faker would be using someone else’s notoriety to get bookings and girls ;).

Where do you DJ now?

I am not currently doing any DJ appearance. I find it difficult to be in the ‘business’ of music unless I am putting on the event myself and I do that for the music first rather than the money or the limelight. DJ’ing is a very ego driven job and I’m not really that good in those situations , it’s not that I don’t love the vibe and mixing to an audience it’s just I don’t enjoy the expectations of me, fame does not have the same positive effects on everyone and i am lucky as i do not need to work as a DJ for income so i will only do it for pleasure. currently I’m not considering any DJ sets anytime soon, but I never say never. if all the stars can aline at the right time…. who knows?

how can I ask you a question?

Please contact Me via Facebook or twitter. If you ask something that’s relevant to others it will find its way onto this page also.

How many people are there at Strictly Underground?

Strictly Underground is my company. It has always been a very flexible setup but generally it’s just me. Over the years people have come and gone and mostly it’s other producers that I have had a work relationships with. During the hardcore years (90-94) there were at least 4 other producers that I regularly was working with as well as an office and two regular staff to do the office stuff, but generally it has always been a very flexible and unconditional set up. I prefer to not have an office as I have always worked from home, doing things whenever I feel the need to be working. There are always friends and people who can jump on board and help me if required, so sometimes it’s frantic and other times there is nothing to do.
Everyone is on a ‘pay as you go’ style arrangement so there are no business contracts just a ‘friendship first’ attitude, this has never let me (or those that I have work with) down and its something I very proud of.
Most artists or workers in the business of music are ripped off and that’s not what I am about, my friends will all stand by me.
I prefers to run everything myself. For me it’s all about the music first, the business of music, I keep down to a minimum by controlling everything himself. I have never strived to make tons money just to make the best music I can in the hope that it will be worth buying and supporting by those it makes happy. Having minimum overheads allows me to not have to make money to just pay wages or office rent, which means I am always able to make the music I love regardless of any financial need.

I found another site selling Strictly Underground music

Apple exclusively distributes my music and Strictly Underground is a Registered Trademark, so no one is allowed to use the name or logo without permission. Anyone else selling my music is doing it illegally.
Please tell us of any website doing so, as we can deal with them using a hammer and some thumbscrews.
We will provide you with the video for your help 😉 or maybe some free downloads.

Is your music only available on iTunes

I am a self-confessed Apple fan and independent artist. I create my music for escape, it is a passion that takes a lot of time and effort so When I do create my work I deserve to get paid for it as I truly believe the love and energy I put into my music has a value to others and it’s only fair and right I should be paid so I can use any income to help me to survive and continue to make more music.
I’m not (nor do i wish to be) a music factory designed for income. The income for me only comes if my creativity means something to others, so if your playing it, then it’s only fair you should have paid as the time I put into creating it can never have a final value.
I’m not in the music business I’m in the escape business and music is my escape. If it brings you love joy and escape then you are getting my message and that has a value in its purchase and i thank your for helping me continue our escape together.
Apple provides me with a simple solution where I can concentrate on music first and deal with the least amount of business suits.

I don’t want my music on every website to make as much money as I can as then it becomes more about the money and I become restricted in my freedom to do what ever I want when I want. Keeping to one company allows me to control my own life with the least amount of ‘work’
Finally if you have read about my quirky life you know that too much fame (through success) is my worst nightmare as I prefer to stay underground and just where I am, not to famous and not a total unknown.

I don’t use Apple, how can I get your music?

iTunes is available on PC computers also and as such you can download my music just as easy as those using Apple Products. Remember also the new iTunesLP format is so amazing and needs to run on iTunes to really be enjoyed . alternatively you can purchase the CD versions from my shop.

Is there anywhere else I can buy your music online

Apple is the Exclusive Home my Strictly Undergrounds Catalogue. I feel they represent the best and fairest way for artist to get paid and for users to have engaging access to my musical adventures.

Dealing with just one company for global distribution allow’s me more time to be creative in music. I am not greedy and don’t feel putting my music everywhere is something I ever want to do.

I would like to add that Apple is my lifeblood, without their computers and software I would be nothing. They provide me with the ultimate tools to express my creative love for music and art as well as making everything in my everyday life easier. I trust them to always do the right thing and they have never let me down, in the products they make or the standards they strive to push higher. I benefit in more ways than I could ever explain, from what they do, so they are all I need and want to use.

Why can I not get some of your older music?

Having spent the last 10 years working on the new iTunes LP albums, it has not been possible to concentrate on the back catalogue which needs to be processed for digital release.

I am not driven by just how much money I can generate from old music and although it’s nice to make a lot of money, my priority is to make the best music I can and this has been where my energy goes.

I will eventually get to compiling the old releases, but right now it’s all about the new music and looking ever forward (as I always do).

I have tried everywhere to get your music but can not find it online.

Sorry I really am just one person and I have not had time to make any of the past anthems ready for digital delivery but if you subscribe to the website you will be notified first.


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