Mark ‘Ruff’ Ryder – JOY ‘Framed’ VINYL Style CD

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The Massive UK Garage Anthem.

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Mastered for DJ's

This is a very exclusive DJ CD

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Mark ‘Ruff’ Ryder – An Album of JOY

This is a real exclusive comes in a custom frame with Laser etched gold plaque.

The CD is the same as the one sold separately and can be ripped before being hung in your man cave.
All 14 Full 12″ mixes enhanced for club sound systems on this special edition Vinyl effect CD

Containing every mix of Joy in re-mastered Strictly Underground bass shaking Style for Clubs sound systems
There are mixes on here that will shake the dance floor to its core and get your cloud up and raving.
even the original mixes have been remastered to sound perfect on a sound system.

Remember most of the bootleg mp3s floating around are poor quality rips and this album has been totally remastered for clubs.
Its time for the professional DJs to get the best quality files directly from the kings of the baseline Strictly Underground.

full 12″ uncompressed mixes mastered for DJs to sound the best they can in a club or when you need the drop to be noticed.

No compressed MP3 Files. These are full 44.1khz CD quality masters.
This CD is specifically designed to rattle the bass to the Max.
All full extended 12 inch mixes

This CD conforms to official CD Red book standards so that it will play in all CD players,
Comes shrink wrapped in a Custom Printed high quality duel sleeve and pouch.

As with all Strictly Underground releases ;Pressings will be very limited and hold their value and desirability over countless years to come.
Buy it before its gone.

1. Joy Radio edit
2. Joy Club Mix
3. Joy B Squared mix
4. Joy Strictly Underground Mix
5. Joy Electric boutique mix
6. Joy Pumpin house Mix
7. Joy Waveform remix
8. Joy Vs We do it Ruff Mash-up
9. Joy DJ VIP Mix
10. Joy Ruff Ryder returns mix
11. Joy Live feat Kie & Sparks Mix
12. Joy The Master of the Universe Mix
13. Joy Original instrumental
14. Joy Karma is a bitch Mix

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